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Fifty Shades Of Makeup ...

By Shivika Kapoor | 13-12-2018

Pancake, Liquid, Cream, Or Pressed Powder That Is Usually Applied With A Sponge Or Finger Tips, Traditional Makeup Comes In The Widest Variety Of Any Other Makeup, With Every Shade Available. It’s Also The Most Versatile Of All The Makeup; It Can Be As Basic As A Sheer Tint Of Coverage, Or Combined With Other Properties To Create A Makeup That Targets Specific Problems.

This Particular Makeup Is The Only Makeup That, Can Be Used With The Appropriate Formula, Can Be Used In Any Situation At Any Given Time. It Can Be Applied Many Different Ways, From Brush Methods Used With Thicker Foundations, To Finger Tips Used For Light And Well Blended Applications.

 Women With Dry Or Mature Skin Benefit From The Thicker Of The Traditional Foundations. As Their Skin Typically Needs Large Amounts Of Hydration, The Oils That Compose Of A Cream Based Foundation Lend Kindly To Their Skin, Creating A Smoother Finish. Young Adult Women Tend To Prefer A More Liquid, Oil Free Foundation Or A Pressed Powder With Good Coverage.


Airbrush Makeup Has Caught Up Well In Recent Years, With A Lot Of Brides Preferring It Over The Usual Same Old Way Of Doing Makeup, Which Is With Brushes And Foundation And The Works. Airbrushing Makeup Is When The Mua Uses An Air Gun With Pre-Loaded Foundation And Products To Spray On Thin Layer Of Foundation Rather Than Paint It On With A Brush Or Sponge


Airbrush Makeup Is Silicone-Based, Water Proof, Can Stay 12 To 2 4 Hours, Give Flawless Finish & Applied More Evenly. If Your Skin Is Oily & Minimal Makeup Look Is What You Want, Airbrush Makeup Is A Better Option As It Doesn’t Look As Heavy. If You're Shooting On HD Cameras Which Capture Every Pixel, This Is A Better Option And Stay On For Much Longer As Compared To Regular Makeup!

The New Trends Of Makeup Are High Definition Makeup. Most Professionals Recommend Hd Make-Up As It Offers Better Scope For Contouring And Highlighting. Moreover, All Types And Colours Of Foundation Are Not Available With Airbrush, Thus Limiting The Choice Of Products And Tones. Now, As Hd Cameras Are Used For Filming And Capturing Stunning Photographs, Every Minute Detail Matters And This Perfection Can Be Achieved With Hd Makeup And The Right Professional Makeup Artist.


A Coin Have Head & Tail, This Seems To Be True With Makeup As Well. All Are, Having Their Own Pros And Cons. Traditional Makeup Is Quite Heavy In Conjecture To Both Other Means That We Are Talking. If Not Done Properly,  Even The Slightest Of Sweat Or A Little More Than Required Foundation Will Make Your Skin Look Patchy And Grimy, And Will Leave The Pores Visible.

Airbrush Makeup Is Less Creamier, & Not Great For Dry Skin. The Base Or The Skin Has To Be Prepped, Primed And Hydrated As Well, Otherwise It Can Be Flaky. If You Have Scarred Or Skin With Active Breakouts, Don't Expect Airbrush Makeup To Cover It Like A Dream. It Is Hard To Re-Blend, So Makeup Streaks Due To Tears Etc Cannot Be Touched Up As Quickly As With Regular Makeup.

Last Not The Least Airbrush Makeup Is More Expensive Than Regular Makeup, The Difference Can Be As Much As Rs 5000 Between Hd Makeup And Airbrush Makeup, But That Depends From One Mua To Another.

Hd Makeup Is Ideal For Filming And Photography, But All That Glitters, Is Not Gold. Hd Product Have Lighter Intensity, So It Applied More. As Hd Makeup Is Done As Per Camera Point Of View So It Look Little Bit Loud. Fair Skinned Beauties Are At High Risk When It Comes To Hd Makeup, Even Less Makeup Won’t Suffice.

What To Put In Your to do list?

Every Girl Dreams Of Her Wedding. When Wedding Day Arrived She Felt Pissed & Confused Due To Many Activities Happening At The Same Time. Well Its Your Dream Day, The Stage Is Set, Your Dream Men Arrived, You Are About To Go On Stage But Suddenly You Felt Unbearable Allergic Reaction. Now What To Do?

We Don’t Say It’s Going To Happened With Every Bride But Emergency Can Happened At Any Time. So It’s Better To Be Prepared Then Sorry. Here We Had Made A Check List Of Few Things Which Can Be Used In Emergency Or Can Be Taken As A Necessary To Do List For Your Wedding Day.

Here Is Your To Do List :

·         Deo  Spray / Perfume  -  You Don’t Want To Felt Stinky.

·         Hand Mirror – For Lipstick Shape Up To To Time.

·         Pair Of Flats- You Can’t Be On Your High Heels All The Time.

·         Anti Allergy Medicine – For Any Allergic Emergency.

·         Small Sewing Kit – For Small Sewing Related Need In Emergency.

·         Mint – You Understand The Need Better.

·         Small Makeup Kit – For Small Touch Up Requirement In Middle Of Wedding.

·         Heel Protectors – Protect You & Your High Heel.

·         Oil Based Makeup Remover – You Cant Be In Bridal Look All The Time.

·         Double Sided Tape – To Adjust Your Jewellery On Their Place.

·         Clear Nail Polish- From Your Face To Your Nail, You Want To Look Classy.

·         Nappy Pins – As A Emergency Partner.

·         Extra Earing Backs –Extra Things Always Useful