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Do You Provide Trial For Makeup ?

By Kanika Khanna | 13-12-2018

This Is The Biggest Question Or We Can Say Mysterious Question In The Wedding World. Many Brides Used To Ask This Question From Their Supposed To Be Bridal Makeover Stylist.

So What Is The Answer For This !!!

Well Before Coming To Any Decision, We Need To Understand From Where & Why This Question Came In The Mind Of The Bride Or Any Girl Who Need To Have A Makeover Service.

Now A Days People Are Fond Of Anything Which They Can Trial Or Any Thing Regarding Which They Can Have A EXPERIENCE. So The Reason For This Question Is To Have A Experience Regarding The Product Or Service Which They Want To Have Before They Pay For It.

Is This Question Or Having This Feeling Is Wrong ?

No Not At All !!!

Yea You Heard This Right. Now A Days Not Only Customers Are Smart But Services Providers Were Also Smart & Cunning. They Want To Give A Experience Of Their Product Or Service, So That It Became Your Need, Want & Demand. If The Experience Is Good, You Pay For It & It Became A Part Of Your Lifestyle. This Phenomena You Can See Every Where. Whether You Go To A Restaurant, Malls, Pubs Or Even At Branded Salons.

So With This Kind Of Mind Makeup, Brides Or Would Be Bride Want To Have A Experience, Regarding The Service Which She Want Have On Most Important Day Of Her Life. Every Bride Dreams Of Her Wedding Day And Wants To Be At Her Best Appearance That Day. Bridal Make Up Is An Important Part Of Bridal Dressing. Along With The Shinning Jewellery And A Gorgeous Wedding Dress If The Make Up And The Hair Do Is Inappropriate Then Their Beauty Are Also Marred. So It’s Very Important To Know About The Right Kind Of Makeup That Would Suit The Bride's Taste And Skin Tone.

But Every Coin Have Two Face. There Are Few Things, Which We Need To Understand, Before Coming On Final Conclusion. Generally Trial For Bridal Occasional, Or Elegant Party Make-Up, Would Be Done On HALF- FACE.

Yes You Heard Right, Its Done On Half Face. On Your Half Face, Makeup Artist Create His/Her Magic, So That You Can IMAGINE Or Decide How You Look, On Your Dream Day. Here You Need To Understand This, Its All About IMAGINATION, Sometimes Its Match But Most Of The Time Its Not. Yea Its True Most Of The Time Trial FAILS. So Does, It Mean, Most Of The Professional Makeup Artist Are Worthless.

No Not At All. The Reason Behind For Trial Failure Is Various. But Few Are Common.

·         In Doing A Real Bridal Makeup, Its Take Minimum Two Hours (Varied With Different Makeup Artist) For Your Desired Makeup Look But Trial Hardly Takes 15 To 20 Minutes. So The Thing Which Take Two Hours To Come In Perfection, How Can You Decide In 15 Minutes On You Half Face. Its All Depend On Your Imagination.

·         Without Her TWIN SISTERS, You Can’t Imagine Makeup. Well We Mean To Say, Neither Have You Had Your Wedding Lehenga, Nor You Have Your Bridal Jewellery, How Can You Imagine Your Dream Bridal Look. Sometimes You Felt Loud Or Sometimes You Felt Not Up To The Mark.

·         Skin & Makeup Are Like Shadow Of The Body. If Your Skin Is Not Well Treated, If You Take Trial, You Will Find Impurities Like Cracked Skin, Layers In Makeup Etc.

·         And Most Important Reason Of Trial Failure Is That You Already Had Taken Trials From Many Makeup Artists. So You Are Already In A Stage Confusion, Whom To Choose.

Till Yet You Are Again Confused, What To Do Whether To Take Trial Or Not. The Answer Of This Big Mysterious Question Is KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge About The Background Of Your Makeup Artist. Just Checkout The Work Details, His/Her Social Media Networks, Various Reviews By The Clients Who Had Taken Their Services Earlier, What Products Going To Be Used & The Most Important Thing , Have A Good Consultation With Your Short-Listed Makeup Artist. Don’t Felt Any Hesitation, To Ask Any Question Which Came In Your Mind.

After Doing All This, You Will Come On Your Answer “ Do You Provide Trials”