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Candid Wedding Photography A Thing You Will Not Regret !!!

By The Signature Designers | 16-11-2018

When My Sis Got Married A Year Back. This Is What I Thought - "Hmm She Is Spending So Much Money Already On Clothes, Decor, Jewellery...Let Cut Back On Photography. Candid Photographers In India Are Totally Over Priced And These Days Even Studio Photographers Do An Awesome Job". When I Look At Her Wedding Album I Feel Like Kicking Myself. I Swear, There Is One Photoshopped Picture Of Me Against Some Random Blue Ocean With A Moon In The Background . I Mean Whaaaa??? Why Would You Ruin Her Normal Mehendi Photograph By Putting My Jiju In Some Wierd Chand In The Background) If There Is One Regret I Have About My Sister?s Wedding, It Is That I Didn't Hire A Candid Photographer. I'm Not Just Saying That, Because We Are Launching A Wedding Site I Genuinely Am So Upset When I Look At Her Album Because All It Contains Are Shots Of She Sitting With Her Husband Amongst People. .There Are No Stunning Shots Of Her Outfits, No Stolen Moments, No 'Bridal Room' Pictures. I Mean, What Was The Point Of Me Spending On Her Lehenga When At The End Of The Day She Don't Have Shots Of It To Capture It? So A Year On, And Having A Ton Of Wedding Experiences Shared By Real Weddings, Here Are Some Myths I Want To Bust. Myth#1: Studio Photographers Do An Equally Good Job Trust Me- They Do Not!! They May Have The Same Equipment And Stuff But Photography Is ALL About PRECEPTION, Or Telling A Story Through Your Pictures!! When Studio Photographers Tell You " Arre Hum Candid Bhi Karte Hai", That Mean " We Click Non Posed Photographs Also" . That?s Not What Candid Is - It Is A Different, Unique Approach To Photography. Myth#2 : Candid Photographers are expensive? If you check out our associated photographers you will see that you can get a great candid wedding photographer at affordable budgets !! In fact our wedding advisor will guide you about top 3 photographers in each budget that you may have. A lot of these folks customise their packages, so dont worry and get in touch to understand ! Moreover, a lot of photographers can be starting out and they will agree to click your photos for a relatively cheaper price. Plus these are a few ways you can get them to work in budget ? Hire one photographer for groom side and bride side combined and split the cost (Most sensible thing to do) ? Hire them for the big days if you are on the budget and make do with studio guys for the smaller events ? Cut back a bit on the decor& huge list of food budget (W-A-S-T-E in my opinion) , and allocate some of those funds into photography budgets ? Find a friend who is into photography and give them a shot! Myth#3: Candid Wedding Photographers Put All My Photos On Facebook So There Is No Privacy. Today All Photographers Are Professional. Before Updating Your Pictures On Their Social Media Platform, They Take A Formal Permission. Myth#4: Candid Photographers Don't Click The 'Regular- Traditional' Extended Family Photos That You Need A Lot Of The Candid Photographers Come With Their Team Who Would Click Those Regular, Standing On Stage Photos Of Extended Family. It's All About Discussing Your Requirements. So Make Sure You Ask The Photographer The Following Questions ? Do They, Or Do They Not Click The Traditional Shots If You Want Those. ? How Many Photographs On An Average Would Be Clicked Per Function? ? Do They Retain Rights To Their Photographs? ? Of Course, Ultimately Budgets Are The Biggest Drivers So If You Can Afford One. Make Sure To Do Your Research With The Various Photographers.